Development done right.

Release: markdown-it plugins

A while ago I worked on a bigger project, which is built around markdown. As it grew the limits of the language became obvious, so I decided to create my own syntax extensions to fit my use case. Today, I released the results as two separate JavaScript libraries.

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The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye

in memoriam

Sir Francis
(2016 - 2020)

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Release: A batch of unpackers

When I started working on UniExtract I was mainly doing maintenance work: updating program files, UI changes, adding helper tools to extract new file types. With the time my interest in the structure of files rose and I began looking at the bytes that made the archives on my computer.

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Farewell, Wordpress! Hello new website.

It has been a while since went online, and since the beginning Wordpress has been a steady companion - convenient, secure (for a CMS) and with a rich ecosystem of plugins. But to be honest: I don’t need a CMS at all. I barely write enough to justify such a huge backend and over the years loading times became slower and slower.

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Release: [Tools] BioLBM

A ’small‘ project in haxe, pt. 3: the results

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