Development done right.

Farewell, Wordpress! Hello new website.

It has been a while since went online, and since the beginning Wordpress has been a steady companion - convenient, secure (for a CMS) and with a rich ecosystem of plugins. But to be honest: I don’t need a CMS at all. I barely write enough to justify such a huge backend and over the years loading times became slower and slower. Time... Read more

Release: [Tools] BioLBM

A ’small‘ project in haxe, pt. 3: the results Finally, after a few days of programming (and several weeks of writing library documentation and these blog articles) here’s the release of my ‘small project in haxe’: BioLBM. A tool designed to search files specified in a text document in given input path(s) and move them to a destination directory... Read more

A ’small‘ project in haxe, pt. 2: the problems

When I sent the tool to my friend to test it, I was expecting it to crash instantly. Because that always happens to my apps on his computer, no matter how much I test them before. Ok, a missing dll, not a problem at all. At least not at that time. I can be very persistent in terms of finding solutions to problems, which seem hard enough. I might... Read more

A ’small‘ project in haxe, pt. 1: the libraries

A friend once needed a small script to simplify the programmer’s daily life. Given an input path, a list containing file names and an output directory, it should only find all the files from the list in the input folder and copy them to the specified destination. Well, I didn’t have time back then (although I love to take a few minutes to create... Read more

Release: [Tools] ImageMerge

Another simple tool I created a while ago is now available for download. As the name suggests ImageMerge was made to merge single layers into one image. I needed a software which can load multiple images, display any selection of them merged together and provide a real-time enabling/disabling and ordering functionality. Sure, there are dozends o... Read more