Development done right.

Release: A batch of unpackers

When I started working on UniExtract I was mainly doing maintenance work: updating program files, UI changes, adding helper tools to extract new file types. With the time my interest in the structure of files rose and I began looking at the bytes that made the archives on my computer.

While I never got into reverse engineering software, looking at at hex dumps and making assumptions about what a specific number could mean got me. I began with file formats, which already have been researched by others, and wrote my own unpacker as there were none (or none suitable for usage in UniExtract).

Learning took effect and I started to look at files with no or not sufficient (public available) information - and succeeded. Yes, some of my research took a lot of time (I still shudder thinking about a format that took weeks, because I missed the obvious solution) but at the end it’s really rewarding.

Today I release 5 unpackers created 2017-2018. Note: rmvdec and spoondec were already available as part of UniExtract before, but have been updated to address some bugs.

I hope it can be of use for anyone. Feel free to try them and don’t forget to report any problems in the related GitHub issue tracker.