Development done right.

Farewell, Wordpress! Hello new website.

It has been a while since went online, and since the beginning Wordpress has been a steady companion - convenient, secure (for a CMS) and with a rich ecosystem of plugins. But to be honest: I don’t need a CMS at all. I barely write enough to justify such a huge backend and over the years loading times became slower and slower.

Time for a change then - and here it is. A slim, fast, and completely redesigned version of this website. Loading times decreased enormously and I removed a lot of unneccessary plugins and functions. This also means no more comments or contact form, but well… there are enough other ways to reach out to me. Just write an email :)

Old links should still work, if something is not working correctly, feel free to send me an email. I updated most of the static pages, so this website is not completely outdated anymore. Additionally, is now available via SSL.

And that’s it. Back to work!