Development done right.

Release: [Games] Horned

[Achievement unlocked: First Ludum Dare Compo]

That’s pretty much the motto of these days. After some preparation and some game jams I missed because I didn’t have enough time, I could finally participate in the one and only: the Ludum Dare.

With the theme “You are the monster” not much of an idea came to my mind fast enough. So I decided to create an extra challenge for myself and base a whole game on the photo I previously found surfing the Internet. It is in fact an extract from an old newspaper depicting a man participating in some kind of weird human bullfighting play.

So that’s the story of the game: the protagonist finds that folder an old family photo album, searches the horns and gets kidnapped right after he has found them. (Why? I have no idea. Two days are not enough to write a perfect story.) A finds himself trapped with no way to escape. Who wouldn’t get angry and such a situation?

After all the result is not a game I would really recommend to play, but it’s really impressive how much you can achieve in such a short period of time. I was really surprised how well that worked out to not use any third-party content. Especially creating sounds for a game is a really fun thing to do. And actually in most cases a lot faster than searching online databases for fitting sounds.

For anyone who is interested here is my entry. Feel free to leave some comments :)