Development done right.

Release: [Games] TwistedP

Relatively spontaneous I decided to take part in the 58th Mini-Ludum Dare. It was not only my first LD, but also the first game jam ever I participated in.

The general theme was Pong, the cult classic everyone knows, which also provides a lot of opportunities to let out an enormous amount of creativity. Actually, I had an idea for a Pong inspired game in my mind for quite a long time now, but I decided to realise a completely new one.

After about a week, now I am proud to present the result of my work:

TwistedP takes the old classic game and adds several gameplay variations and combines everything with an atmospheric story about a depressed being trapped inside a dark world.

This could be a marketing slogan for it :)

I managed to create a total of nine different levels, with changing gameplay mechanisms in each of them. To proceed, you have to score either five or ten points. I set my focus on adding a story to a normally storyless game. During the about one hour-long gameplay you will dive into the thoughts of one of the players - the paddle. Being trapped inside a small and dark room, forced to get hit thousands of times a day by a ball, it developed a huge depression. Still, there might be hope as several things around it are changing.

The story could be played as a whole or in each level can be selected separately from the main menu. The cut scenes will be played both ways, but can be skipped using the escape key.

The game was developed using Unity 5 and is available for free for Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android. For more information, please look at the official competition page.