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Universal Extractor 2 Privacy Policy

The developers of Universal Extractor respect your privacy. Therefore, no personal information is collected while using this software.

Anonymous usage statistics

To further improve and focus development on most used features, Universal Extractor can send anonymous usage statistics to te developers. These consist of the following data:

Usage data is sent on the following occasions:

You can disable sending usage data via the settings dialog, which can be opened from the Edit menu.


Users can send feedback to report bugs, unsupported file types or failed extractions from within Universal Extractor, either via Help menu (menu item Feedback) or by confirming the prompt after a failed extraction. A feedback report contains the following information:

Feedback files are transmitted securely via SSL and stored on our server(s) until a developer handles them. Afterwards they are deleted or (if the information is needed for future development) anonymized and stored locally. Possible personal identification information contained in feedback files is not shared with anyone and - if not needed to process your request - deleted instantly after recognizing them.