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Release: [Tools] ImageMerge

Another simple tool I created a while ago is now available for download. As the name suggests ImageMerge was made to merge single layers into one image. I needed a software which can load multiple images, display any selection of them merged together and provide a real-time enabling/disabling and ordering functionality. Sure, there are dozends of great image manipulation softwares, but generally they take way to long to start (Yes, The GIMP, I’m speaking of you).

As I wanted to take a closer look at the GDI+ API for some time now (Even AutoIt isn’t perfect. While using graphics in GUIs is no problem at all and not more than a single function call, i.e. using transparent png files needs a bit of work to do. The GDI+ wrapper functions included in AutoIt normally are the way to go then.), I took the chance and developed this simple script.

More information, tutorial & source code