Development done right.

Release: [Tools] ImageMerge

Another simple tool I created a while ago is now available for download. As the name suggests ImageMerge was made to merge single layers into one image. I needed a software which can load multiple images, display any selection of them merged together and provide a real-time enabling/disabling and ordering functionality. Sure, there are dozends o... Read more

Release: [Software] Universal Extractor 2

Let’s start the new year with a new release :) UniExtract is a tool I use for a long time. It is not only capable of opening all kinds of common and uncommon archives, but can also extract executables, so you don’t have to install every software. Instead, you just unpack the files inside it. Still, there were some features missing. A few years ... Read more

Release: [Games] Horned

[Achievement unlocked: First Ludum Dare Compo] That’s pretty much the motto of these days. After some preparation and some game jams I missed because I didn’t have enough time, I could finally participate in the one and only: the Ludum Dare. With the theme “You are the monster” not much of an idea came to my mind fast enough. So I decided to c... Read more

Release: [Tools] BioLU

A few days ago I got asked for a script that searches for folders with only one file in them, moves them one level up and deletes the empty directory afterwards. Well, I actually had a script that moves all files from any subdirectory to the top-level. Not really the same thing… So I took a few minutes and the tool I was asked for, tested it and... Read more

Release: [Games] TwistedP

Relatively spontaneous I decided to take part in the 58th Mini-Ludum Dare. It was not only my first LD, but also the first game jam ever I participated in. The general theme was Pong, the cult classic everyone knows, which also provides a lot of opportunities to let out an enormous amount of creativity. Actually, I had an idea for a Pong inspir... Read more