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Bioruebe's Trading Card Bot Availability Checker (BioTC)

Bioruebe’s Trading Card Bot Availability Checker (BioTC) is a small console application to simplify trading Steam Trading Cards with the SteamCardExchange bot.

SteamCardExchange provides an online interface to check for available trading cards. Comparing your own card to the bot’s inventory is a lengthy process though. BioTC automatizes it for you.

First enter your Custom URL name into the SteamID.txt file. If you are unsure what it is, look at the Edit Profile page or open your public Steam profile and copy the part after id/.  (Note: Your Steam profile and inventory must be set to public, otherwise BioTC will not work.) From now on you can just start BioTC witth a click on the main executable. After a few seconds of waiting, depending on your internet connection speed, the results are printed to the console window as well as opened automatically as a HTML file in your standard browser.

A short tutorial and feature presentation is available on YouTube.

BioTC is platform independant but only tested on Windows yet. For more information please take a look at the Github repository.